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When interviewing my daughter, Therese Jackson, LMHC as a Guest Mentor for August CHOICES, she made us aware that many of the issues affecting our CHOICES children, tweens, and teens go beyond them. Many of our households are facing a crisis in some capacity. We want CHOICES to not just be a destination, but a journey to help families, in our communities and elsewhere. We are in the process of growing our resource directory, this will also include Churches that have partnered with us around the region and country. If you are reading and or watching and your family is in crisis, reach out to us. We will try and assist you by pointing you to the resources you need in your area.  For more information, go to our up-and-coming Resources and if you need assistance, you may contact us there. As always, if you are facing medical or physical danger, call 911. For more information click here for our Resources page. 

Dedicated to the memory of Reade Evans

Make no mistake, CHOICES is an extension of our local church, the Embassy Church of God in Christ (embassytv.net). You need to know who is offering Mentorship, Information, and resources to your children.

Although CHOICES is Faith-Based, we do not push our local church on them, but let parents and youth know that 

the church is also a valuable asset and resource.  If you are watching a LIVE stream on CHOICES TV or On-Demand, we want you to know that help is available.If you have questions or need help, reach out to Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss at (828) 316-7408 or email: www.stepbystepwgm.com/contact. 





What can I say, it was a toss-up between Indiana Jones and Yoda. Since Indy has the latest movie out, he won. Thank you for your interest in CHOICES. My desire is this will help you help us save your children.  For additional resources, go to the drop-down under 'more'. If you have questions or need help, reach out to Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss at (828) 3167408 or email me at, www.stepbystepwgm.com/contact.

CHOICES Guest Mentor, Tekulve Jackson

CHOICES Guest Mentor, Theresia Jackson, LMHC


CHOICES is a Faith-Based Youth Mentor Program targeting West Putnam County's rural youth community. 


CHOICES is founded by Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss, in memory of her son, Tyler Randolph Eugene Williams. 


Tyler, a former resident of Interlachen attended Interlachen Elementary, Price Middle, and Interlachen High School. Tyler was murdered on July 17, 2020, in Sylva, North Carolina and his murder is yet unsolved. 


CHOICES is designed to work with our rural community's youth and offer positive alternatives to a world offering hundreds of negatives.   CHOICES Is also geared to offer opportunities and exposure for learning; teaching, training, and equipping special guests in qualified specific areas. 


CHOICES will focus on the following areas with Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss, Founder and Executive Director of Teaching CHOICES staff special invited guests Mentors. 

1. Leadership Development


2. Goal Setting


3. Life Management Skills


4. The Arts:

a. Music

b. Drama

c. Creative Writing

d. Dance: African, Praise, Jazz and Tap.


5. Public Speaking


6. Digital Media: Graphics & Broadcast Production


CHOICES is the Youth component of Step-by-Step Women's Grief Ministry, for the Victims of Homicide and Suicide Survivors, founded by Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss in September of 2020. 


CHOICES: Faith-Based Youth Mentor Program presently meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays in the American Legion Hall; 145 South Highway 315 Interlachen, Florida. We are also looking to expand and host a monthly Meet & Greet for new parents. Plus, we will have two target groups. Group #1 will be for youth ages 6 to 12 and Group #2 for ages 13 to 17. We will also host events for our media-produced broadcast for CHOICES TV. Through our digital imprint, branding, and Partnerships with Churches and Businesses around the county, we can get the message of CHOICES out. 


For more information on being a CHOICES Sponsor  or know how your churches Youth Group can benefit from CHOICES, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss

(828) 316-7408


CHOICES Youth Program - stepbystepwgm


Step By Step Women's Grief Ministry








Tyler Randolph Eugene Williams

11/24/1984 - 7/17/2020

Murder unsolved, #justicefortyler

" If I can save the life of one child by helping them make better choices and spare another mother, grandmother, auntie the nightmare and heartache I face daily, then Tyler's life would not have been in vain", #justicefortyler.


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